Job Seekers

I am a Vermonter with a disability, what can I expect from VocRehab Vermont?

VocRehab Vermont services are all about helping you become or stay employed.

The goal of the program is to help you become employed or stay employed. Everything we do together will be designed to help you achieve your employment goal.

Each VocRehab customer’s experience will be different.

VocRehab tries very hard to tailor services to your job goals and your needs. We do not have a standard “program” or set of services that everyone goes through. You and your counselor will develop your plan for employment together.

VocRehab can also help you if you are under employed or want to change or advance your career.

You do not have to be unemployed to receive VocRehab services.  We help a lot of people who want to work more hours or want to advance their careers.  This may include retraining or support advancing with your current employer or training and support finding a new career.

What are the steps in the VocRehab process?

To get VocRehab services there are some steps you will have to go through including the following:


You must complete and sign an application. We can help you fill out an application in any of our twelve offices (link to contact info).

Certification of Eligibility

Before you can receive services from VocRehab your VocRehab counselor must determine if you are eligible for the program. Any Vermonter may be eligible for VocRehab services who:

  • Has a disability that is a barrier to work
  • Requires VocRehab services to become or remain employed 
Plan for Employment

You and your counselor will develop a plan for employment. This is your plan for how you are going to achieve your employment goal. Your plan will include:

  • Your employment goal
  • What you are going to do to achieve that goal
  • What VocRehab is going to do to help you achieve that goal (link to description of types of services)

Remember everyone’s plan is different. Each VocRehab job seeker will receive different supports and services depending on their job goal and needs.


Once you have achieved your employment goal VR services will end. However, if you need help in the future, we will be there to assist you. 

Contact Information

Vermont VocRehab
Central Office

HC 2 South
280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-2040
866-879-6757 (Voice/TTY)