What Services Does VocRehab Vermont Provide to Eligible Vermonters?

VocRehab services are all about helping you become or stay employed.

Remember, any services we provide you are to help you achieve your employment goal. The services you receive will be outlined in the employment plan that you and your VocRehab counselor will develop together. Below is a list of some of the services VocRehab can provide. A complete list of VocRehab services can be found on the VocRehab Policy and Procedure Manual.

Remember, VocRehab will only provide you services that are necessary for you to achieve your specific employment goal. Those services will be identified in your individual plan for employment.

Counseling and Guidance

A vocational rehabilitation counselor will work with you to identify your strengths and interests and develop a plan for employment that will work for you.

Job Search Assistance

An Employment Consultant may work directly with you to find a job in your community.

Training and Post Secondary Education

VocRehab can assist you to access training or post secondary education programs that can help you achieve your employment goal.

Self Employment

If you are interested in self employment or starting your own business VR can help you develop a plan and identify the resources you need to get started.


In some cases, transportation maybe a barrier to your employment. VocRehab can help you access the transportation you need to maintain your job.  

Rehabilitation Technology

If you need special equipment or modifications to help you do your job, VocRehab can help you access these resources. Visit the VT Assistive Technology Website.

Job Retention Services

If you are currently working and need assistance managing your disability in the workplace, we can help.


For more information on these services and any other service VocRehabprovides please see the VocRehab Policy and Procedure Manual.

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