Who Can Receive VR Services?

A young person with a disability is eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services if they are:

  • Receiving Special Education services in the school or;
  • Enrolled in regular classes and need VR services to prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment
  • Receiving accommodations in school under the Federal 504 provision (link to provision)

The best time to apply for services is when the school, in partnership with the student and family, has begun to focus on post-school employment or education/training – the transition planning process AND the student is within two years of graduation or exit from high school. Formal intake generally occurs eighteen months before graduation/exit from high school. Students at risk for dropping out or students with complex needs may be considered for earlier services.
There are specialized services available for students who are blind, have a significant visual impairment or who are deaf or hard of hearing. The VR transition counselor can assist with connecting you to these services.

Contact Information

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