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Progressive Employment

Progressive Employment

What is Progressive Employment?

What if you’re interested in trying a job in a new industry but you have no experience? What if you’re not sure whether a different work environment will be a good match with your disability? Progressive employment may be the answer.

Progressive employment consists of short-term placement opportunities that allow you to try out a new work scenario, build valuable skills and experience and show an employer what you can do. With your input, we will find you placement options that are geared to your current skill level, so you don’t feel overwhelmed right from the start. Work placement opportunities can include everything from an informational interview and company tour to job shadowing and short-term placements.

For some, a work placement may lead to future employment at that company. For others, a short-term work opportunity is enough to determine that that particular career path isn’t for them. Regardless, every placement is another chance to build your resume, expand your skill set and “get your foot in the door.”

Employers like progressive employment because they know we carefully match job seekers to the right opportunities, where they will have a chance to assess your skills without the commitment of making a full-time hire. While you’re deciding whether this is the company for you, the employer also gets the chance to evaluate you as a potential hire.