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Supported Employment

Supported Employment programs are available throughout the state to help Vermonters with developmental disabilities find and keep meaningful employment.

Supported employment is founded on the belief that anyone can work if they are given the right support. VocRehab works closely with employment specialists at these Supported Employment Programs who will:

  • Help you find a job that matches your needs and interests.
  • Help you identify training needs and work with your employer to provide them.
  • Help you and your employer adapt the work site so that you can do the job.
  • Help you and your employer design the supports needed to do the job well.
  • Provide the support you and your employer need for as long as it is needed.

As you become comfortable doing the job, and your co-workers become comfortable providing some of the supports, the employment specialist will become less involved and be more like an advisor. If your job changes and you need new supports, VocRehab and the Supported Employment program will be available to help.

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