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Introducing the WorkVT2.0 Project

This exciting new project is designed to help beneficiaries of Social Security disability programs replace their benefits with higher-wage employment with support from a team of professionals trained in career counseling, employment supports, and benefits navigation. This research project, funded by the Kessler Foundation, also offers financial supports and incentives for reaching certain employment milestones.

If you want to explore gaining greater freedom and self-sufficiency through work, WorkVT2.0 could be the start of your comeback story! Click this link to learn more about WorkVT2.0.

NOTE: Enrollment is capped at 200 participants and is open only through September 2021. Eligibility is limited to individuals who receive SSI and SSDI benefits, are between age 18 and 58, live in Chittenden or Rutland County, and have worked in the past 5 years and are willing to explore higher wage or full-time work.