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VocRehab Vermont is part of the public Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system governed by the federal Rehabilitation Services Administration. We are housed in Vermont's Agency of Human Services and operate under Vermont laws, regulations, and policies.

We are guided by representative consumer boards that oversee our needs assessment and our policies and procedures. We are managed by experienced VR professionals who have risen through the ranks.

Policy and Procedures

All VR staff follow a Policies and Procedures as developed by the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) in accordance with federal regulations. A Policy and Procedure manual is available to VR Counselors and administrative staff to help them in their daily work. The manual is updated regularly in collaboration with the SRC Policy and Procedure Sub-Committee, with final approved by the full SRC.

State Plan

Each year, VocRehab Vermont gathers input from community partners, VR customers, members of the State Rehabilitation Council and others to develop a comprehensive State Plan that outlines activities for the upcoming year. The purpose of the state plan is to identify ways to improve services, address the needs of individual disability groups and provide the highest level of customer service to Vermonters. Public hearings on the State plan are held each year so that all members of the community have an opportunity to provide suggestions and comments.

Read the most current State Plan.

State Rehabilitation Council (SRC)

The State Rehabilitation Council partners with VocRehab Vermont to find ways to improve and expand services to Vermonters with disabilities. The Council is made up of representatives from the business sector, people with disabilities, advocates, the Vermont Client Assistance Program (CAP) and community partners. All SRC members are appointed by the Governor and serve terms of varying lengths as determined by Council guidelines.

Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council, SILC for short, consists of a group of Vermonters appointed by the Governor to work at ensuring that people with disabilities live their lives to their fullest potential. The SILC seeks to achieve this goal by supporting direct service programs and other initiatives which help make community life more inclusive and accessible. The SILC works to ensure that people with disabilities are able to participate in and contribute to their communities, families and friends.

Governor’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities

The Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (GCEPD) Vermont's legally designated leadership and coordination group on issues related to the employment of people with disabilities and has a direct advisory relationship with the Governor. The mission of the GCEPD is to promote equal employment for all citizens of Vermont by advising the Governor on current issues affecting employment of people with disabilities, and through partnerships between business, government and people with disabilities.