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VocRehab Vermont has a professional staff in 12 field offices across Vermont, with a wide array of skills and expertise.

All staff receive extensive ongoing training—a necessity for professionals hoping to support VR consumers as they face very personal and life-altering decisions about working with a significant disability.

As you work with VocRehab, you'll meet VocRehab Counselors, Administrative Support Staff, Employment Consultants, Certified Work Incentive Counselors, and others. They'll work with you as a team, guided by your interests and unique needs.

VocRehab Counselors

The VocRehab counseling process is a collaborative effort between consumer and counselor to understand and adjust to disability, identify employment goals, and engage the resources needed to obtain and maintain stable employment. VocRehab’s Counselors are the backbone of our services, drawing on their advanced degrees in rehabilitation counseling to respond to any consumer who walks through the door.

In addition, we have specialty counselors who work with groups that have unique needs—School-to-Work Transition Counselors work with youth exiting high school, and Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf (RCDs) work with Deaf individuals, using their sign language skills and extensive knowledge of Deaf culture to help their customers succeed in the world of work.

All of these VocRehab counselors and their customers benefit from a team of specialists in customer support, job placement and job coaching, and benefits counseling.

Administrative Support Staff

As you work through the VocRehab process, the Administrative Support Staff will keep things flowing, seeing to the details of your case and arranging for the services and financial resources that your counselor authorizes. They'll also help you keep in touch with your counselor and provide a welcoming environment for you.

Employment Consultants

If you are a jobseeker ready to enter the workforce, the employment consultant is there to help you prepare for the job search and to support you as you settle into a new job. They are constantly in the community, following up job leads, working with employers to identify opportunities, and making the match between a qualified candidate and the employer's business needs.

Business Account Managers

The Business Account Manager is the point of contact for our employer customers, providing personalized and responsive access to VocRehab's resources and job candidates. Building on their hands-on experience as Employment Consultants, they manage VR's relationships with employers to ensure that their needs are met.

Certified Work Incentive Counselors

For the many VR customers who are also Social Security disability beneficiaries, it takes particular courage to go back to work, since increased earnings can jeopardize their benefits. Since 1999, VocRehab Vermont’s Certified Work Incentive Counselors have provided crucial information to customers on a growing set of work incentive programs offered by SSA, Medicaid, and other public benefit programs. They also provide ongoing support to our customers, helping them manage their benefits and take advantage of work incentives.