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VocRehab Vermont is founded on community and collaboration. We have a large network of groups we partner with to serve people facing special challenges in the world of work.

These include offenders, welfare recipients, veterans, social security disability beneficiaries, people with serious mental illness or developmental disabilities, and youth moving from school to work. These partnerships allow VocRehab to provide customers with a wide range of services and supports.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Invest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partners with VocRehab Vermont to provide Employee Assistance Program services to employers across the state. Invest EAP provides confidential personalized counseling, organizational and management consultation, training, and resource information in a prompt and professional manner. Invest EAP serves larger organizations such as the State of Vermont and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, as well as smaller Vermont businesses. The partnership between VocRehab Vermont and Invest EAP provides an affordable way for businesses to provide welcoming workplaces for all workers, including workers with disabilities.

HireAbility Workforce Partners

VocRehab Vermont has transformed the workforce development initiative, formerly known as Creative Workforce Solutions, into the Agency of Human Services HireAbility Workforce Partners, our next generation of workforce development. It continues to streamline and improve services to AHS customers and employers across the state, offering consistent and coordinated workforce development in local communities, a variety of innovative placement options to jobseekers and employers alike, as well as opportunities to earn while you learn. HireAbility Workforce Partners represents a broad coalition of employment programs, all working to increase job opportunities for Vermonters and assist our business customers with the recruitment, training, retention and promotion of the initiative’s participants.

Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL)

VocRehab Vermont works closely with the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL) to foster independence through employment. Through this partnership, VocRehab Vermont funds Benefits Counselors who help workers understand their benefits and the changes that apply as they begin work. VR Counselors often refer individuals to VCIL for help in maintaining independence and accessing community services and supports.

The Vermont Association of Business, Industry & Rehabilitation (VABIR)

The Vermont Association of Business, Industry & Rehabilitation (VABIR) is a statewide private non-profit that helps individuals find and maintain employment. VABIR staff are co-located in all 12 of the VocRehab Vermont offices, providing placement services to customers. VABIR staff work closely with the business community to help them meet their staffing needs by connecting them to Vermonters with disabilities who want to work. In many cases, a VR Counselor will refer a customer to VABIR Employment Consultant, who will assist in job search, interviewing skills, resume development and connection to available jobs in the community.

Supported Employment Providers

These programs serve people who need help to become successful in their jobs. In many cases, a Job Coach can be assigned to work with an individual to help them learn a new job, gain new skills and get comfortable with the work environment. Supported employment programs are available to certain individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Our supported employment partners include community mental health agencies, developmental services providers and other organizations who specialize in providing one-on-one supports to workers with disabilities.

Vermont Assistive Technology Program (VATP)

Assistive Technology is a term for creative tools and strategies that help people accomplish tasks at home, school, work, and in the community. The Vermont Assistive Technology Program (VATP) is Vermont’s federal AT Act Program. The AT Act programs operate under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Administration for Community Living. The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) houses the VATP here in Vermont.

AT 4 All

AT 4 All is a free site for Vermonters to exchange gently used durable medical equipment. Some examples of items listed are shower benches, canes, walkers, hospital beds and adapted vehicles.

Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at UVM

CDCI is part of a national network of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs). The Center, in collaboration and coordination with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, promotes opportunities for these valued life outcomes for individuals with disabilities of all ages in all facets of community life: meaningful relationships, personal choice and control, meaningful activities, safety and health, and living in a home and community.

Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL)

Vermont works closely with the Vermont Department of Labor to help individuals access the wide range of training and placement services offered through the Workforce Investment Act. In many cases, VR and VDOL staff can work together to help Vermonters access the training and work experience they need to become successful. In addition to training and placement services, Disability Program Navigators stationed at many VDOL “One-Stops” can help people with disabilities find the information and help they need.


With a dedicated team of Transition Counselors, VocRehab Vermont has strong ties to schools throughout the state. Working with guidance staff, school employment coordinators and others, VocRehab Vermont helps young adults prepare for their futures.

Vermont Department of Corrections

VocRehab Vermont works with the Department of Corrections, the Community High School of Vermont, local Community Justice Centers and others to serve offenders with disabilities as they re-enter the community. VR Counselors are assigned to each of the Vermont correctional facilities, working with individuals as they begin their job search after release.

Vermont Adult Learning (VAL)

Some people need more educational experience to be successful in the workplace. In some cases, VR Counselors will refer customers to Vermont Adult Learning (VAL) for extra help with the things they will need.